Alicante Turrón (Hard) Pablo Garrigos, 2 x 150g  £8.95

A delicious bar of Turron made with toasted Marcona almonds and rosemary honey for a slight savoury note in amidst the sweetness of the other flavours.

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Organic Orange Blossom Unpasteurised Honey, 300g jar, £6.25

A clear honey which has an intense floral aroma. The taste is sweet with a marked acid edge thanks to the orange blossom which the bees have pollinated. It is perfect for pairing with goats or soft cheese

Organic Chestnut Unpasteurised Honey, 300g jar, £6.25

An amazing dark amber in colour. This honey has a floral scent with woody notes. The taste is sweet with salty undertones and a surprising bitter touch. Great when paired with blue cheese or aged Manchego. Equally fantastic when used in cooking.

Glass Milk Bottle of Sugared Almonds. 275g, £7.95

Delicious almonds from the Les Garrigues Cooperative Farm in Catalonia. These have been fried in caramel to accentuate their naturally sweet flavour and give them an irresistible crunch to the outside. Perfect for adding to the top of the ice creams or pairing with an evening espresso

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