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I've just posted a new date for a Spanish online beginners class so please do get in touch if you like to start learning.

I will be looking at adding an improvers class and conversational class too, but still looking at a start date for those.

Our Spanish book club will start reading Alice in Wonderland in October and you'd be very welcome to join in and not too late to get involved, it's free, fun and educational!


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Spanish Book Club​

We´re meeting up every week and read The Little Prince. I think I can speak for everyone and say how enjoyable it has been to meet up and talk about the book, author, the language and have fun together. Yes at times, the technology has tried our patience but it´s all new for all of us, so we´ve wiggled a few cables, waited for the jam to sort it self out and got on with it.

We´ll for sure be starting a new book and if you´d like to join in then please do get in touch.