Licor 43. Absolutely devine if you like a sweet licor.  Take it with ice, with coke or simple wee little neat shots. £25.20 a bottle. I've noticed once people have tried it, that's it you're hooked!

Ponche - a delicate little infused brandy based licor from Spain. A great base for mixing and conjuring up some rather superb cocktails. I serve this as surpise shots for people who say give us anything, expecting something terrible and really their reactions are uplifting and educational. Spain really is full of beautiful drinks. Here's one. Priced at £17

Patxaran - Back in the day in a Plaza in San Sebastian, having eaten and quennched in the sun for a little too long,I tried my first rather large chilled glass of this great digestif from Navarra. When asking what I should have next, the waitor simply said 'another señor'

We sell Zoco at £18.70 

What is it people say, I say try it and find out!

Crema Catalna. This is a hard one to sell, but boy is it yummy with ice. What's it like, well it's yellow and very moreish not everyones cup of tea but what is? If you have a bottle of this to open someones going to love it I can guarentee! £25.20 for a bottle.

Spanish gin is in and it’s difficult in many cases to typify Spain´s approach to gin, but driven by the Gin y Tonica phenomenon, Spanish gin distillers have focused on big, botanically driven gins which often accentuate unusual ingredients. Here´s a few we´ve been pouring in the bar over the years.

Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin is a rather intriguing Spanish gin made with an Albariño-grape-based spirit, for those in the know this is regarded as the go to gin in Spain. I simply love the bottle too!

Priced at £37.80

A good example of a London dry style gin from Barcelona, Sorel London Dry Gin is based on a high-quality grain alcohol with notes of juniper taking on a leading role, giving it a dry and aromatic flavour. It's delicious i'm told and goes down rather well when there's a wee celebration. Priced at £23.45

It's the gin of the Canary Islands, the Macaronesian Eternal Spring with a hint of fresh strawberries is a very sophisticated and cheerful drink!

Priced at £44.30