Valencia Rice DO, 1kg bag £2.45

Description: Great for any paella type rice dish. Cooking time: 20m. Rest time: 3m. Cooking Instructions: 1 glass of rice x 2 glasses of water

Caramelised Red Spanish Peppers, 320g, tray £5.50

These delicious peppers have been charcoal grilled before being peeled and marinated in muscatel wine and olive oil. They have an amazing flavour smoky sweet flavour with a delicate floral edge from the muscatel wine. They make a delicious accompaniment to any meat or fish dish. Alternatively, slice and stir through a salad to bring a delicious fresh taste of the Mediterranean

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Sweet Paprika. 70g, £2.80

Great to add flavour, colour and aroma to any dish!

Description: This Paprika has an amazing bright red colour with a spicy aroma and smoky flavour profile. It has been made using a traditional drying process.

Available in hot, hot, hot too!!

Pitted Gordal Olives  169g, jar £3.60

The name Gordal means “the fat one” due to this olives round shape and large size (over 6gr). It has a fine delicate flavour, similar to manzanilla, and a firm, meaty texture. 

O-MED Vinagre de Vino - Cabernet Sauvignon, 250ml £6.30

This artisan vinegar is produced from an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon Wine. It has an intense deep purple colour, smooth acidity and well rounded fruity flavor with noticeable hints of fine oak. Recommended for marinating fish, pickles, meat carpaccio, reductions.

O-MED Vinagre de vino - Chardonnay, 250ml £6.30 

An artisan product produced from an excellent Chardonnay white wine. It is a fine and elegant vinegar that creates a very fruity sensation in the mouth. 

Recommendations: Marinade for fish, pickles, fish carpaccios, vegetables, and salads

Espinaler Aceitunas £2.80

Lovely little Manzanilla olives stuffed with Anchovy