Hand Carved BELLOTA Shoulder, 100% IBERICO, 80g, £10.95

100% Bellota shoulder hand carved for you to enjoy at home. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour, with sweet nutty notes and a complex long-lasting aftertaste. Cured for a minimum of 24 months, the meat has wonderful marbling which complements its savoury nature.

Sliced BELLOTA Lomo, 100% IBERICO, 80g, £7.50

A 100% Bellota Lomo. This is one of the most prized of all cured Spanish meats. The cut is taken from the loin of the pig, it is then seasoned with natural spices before being cured over a period of 4-5 months. This allows the marbling to develop across the meat and the casing to develop its signature deep orange colour. This has been sliced so you can easily enjoy at home - perfect for any meat platter or tapas plate. 

Sliced BELLOTA Chorizo,100% IBERICO, 80g, £5,45

100% Bellota chorizo packed with a fantastic flavour, which is complemented by the variety of spices added by the producers at Extrem. 

Leon Oak´s Smoke Cecina, PGI, sliced, 100g £7,25

If you have never tried Cecina before you are in for a treat. The beef is taken from mature cows carefully selected for their extra flavour and beautiful marbling before being matured over 12 months. This process gives the meat a slightly smoky flavour with a delightfully tender texture and a perfectly balanced flavour. Over the years we have converted many people into Cecina lovers, with some even preferring it to our Jamon! If you are looking for something different, we definitely recommend giving it a try. 

Sliced lomo 50% Iberico, Cebo, 80g £5.95

This Lomo comes from Guijelo, to the south east of Salamanca and surrounded by the mountain ranges of Bejar, Francia and Gredos. This unique environment is perfectly suited to the rearing of pigs as the climate is always temperate, and the rugged terrain ensures that the animals are always exercising as they range. Being a CEBO Lomo, this animal has had its diet supplemented with grains and cereals as well as being allowed to roam free on the Dehesa in search of acorns. This gives the meat a unique flavour, full of smoky notes with a touch of warmth from the Paprika.

Entrecinas Hand Carved 50% IBERICO, 100g, £8,20

Delicous hand carved slices of 50% Iberico pork. This pig has spent much of its life eating acorns but has had its diet supplemented with cereals and grasses. This gives the meat a complex depth of flavour with a subtly sweet notes and a long savoury nutty aftertaste. As result of its 24-month curing time the meat has wonderful marbling which contributes to the sophisticated flavour of this ham. It is best enjoyed after being allowed to warm to room temperature.


A delicious Salchichon made from pigs which have been roaming free around the forests of Spain enjoying a varied diet which is supplemented by cereals. The meat is seasoned simply with salt and pepper before being allowed to cure for several months. It is similar to an Italian salami. This has been pre-sliced ready for you to enjoy at home. It is best enjoyed after being allowed to warm to room temperature.