I've converted the bar for the time being and opened a little mini Spanish Deli selling lots of Spanish goodies.

Including cheese, cured meats, olives, morcilla, wines, sherry, sidra y mucho mas.

Currently open Saturday 11-4pm.

Great selection of Spanish tintos, blancos, cava, Sherry, Port, Vermouth, cerveza, sidra y licores. You lucky devils!






Antonio Barbadillo's Sherries

The Sherry House of Antonio Barbadillo was founded in 1821 and we've been selling them since 2008. The Barbadillo vineyards are located in the famous Sherry triangle and qualify as ‘Jerez Superior’. Based in Sanlucar, they are the largest producer of Manzanilla. 

Manzanilla Extra Dry 

Fino Pale Dry 

Oloroso Full Dry 

Medium (Amontillado)

Pedro Ximenez 

Vermouth - Forzudo de Leon

Not only do I love the look of this Vermouth it sounds absolutely delicious and served with a little jar of Gordal olives. 

What can go wrong there!

Bottle priced at £27.80

Gordal olives at £3.60