Esperanza del Castillo Aged Manchego Cheese,pasteurised,250g, £6,75.

Cured over 9-12 months this is top tier Manchego. The texture is firm which provides a rich flavour that is reminiscent of soft toffee overlaid with unmistakable nutty notes. The aroma brings to mind caramelized hazelnuts with a delicate buttery edge. It is incredibly moreish and pairs perfectly with a lighter bodied red wine such as a Tempranillo.

Gomez Moreno Manchego Cheese, Semicured, unpasteurised, 250g, £5,50

A well-balanced Manchego with a complex flavour profile that includes nutty notes and a woody aroma. This is perfect to serve with a glass of hearty red wine after supper, or equally can be paired with good crusty bread or ‘picos’ to make an excellent appetiser. If you are feeling more adventurous, I recommend pairing with walnuts and honey for something truly delicious. 

Picos (Artisanal Bread Sticks), 140g, £2.60

Small breadsticks which are typically served in Spanish bars and restaurants as a classic accompaniment to Tapas. They are supposed to provide a textural contrasts to that of the meat and cheese, by adding a crisp crunchy edge.

Organic Membrillo (Quince Paste), 320g, tub £4,30

This organic quince jelly can be used in baking to add a touch of sweetness, but we recommend serving in the classic Spanish tradition with Manchego cheese.